@stux when I see these display.. I am thinking to get an application for e-ink phones to access mastodon (looks like a paper)

@stux most probably.. its the next move haha 😁

Vaccine mandate in Europe which is kind of passport 

The rare but truth is that, some of the south-east or middle east countries providing second booster dose as pfizer for who wanted to travel to europe. Mainly SinoVac or Sinopharm vaccines not approved in Europe. What will happen in long run for the body with two sinovac and two pfizer as booster?

re: What a Nuclear Bomb Explosion Feels Like 

@stux How did you feel between Afghanistan and Ukrain now a days? anyway we will back peace soon 🌹💯what did you think ?

re: What a Nuclear Bomb Explosion Feels Like 

@stux yes you are right .. thats the reason, I mentioned that conspiracy theories. i didn't follow though.

Please let me know the right website for report Discrimination in Germany..

What a Nuclear Bomb Explosion Feels Like 

@stux The nuclear treat is high! Although,According to conspiracy theories, the current war is looks like a planned one.
1. Reduced the economy with COVID (espesially, west)
2.Started militory conflict before coming up to normal

these are important to the neighbouring countries of russia that cannot expect to join with west or nato.

another example is Afghanistan, US created taliban through pakistan to separate USSR .. Same way tried.

@stux Hope,there will be some peace at least here lol

@CKsTechnologyNews Yes, this is one account security recovery phrase. What can we do if we have multiple such phrases ? this is the management between "user friendly" vs "security"

@Amethyst777@mastodon.social There are negatives and positives together with up and down. More thinking causes psycological problems .. if someone didnt think he is fool...This is the world of madness---

@Amethyst777@mastodon.social Thats common slogen for the society..

Hello All,

Hope all are doing great! I am here after a long days or months looking any new updates. Anybody there in this federated world?

Thanks haha

Our pray never disturb others business directly/indirectly. If so then thats not a pray rather than a manipulated disturbance.

By Friday 😀

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