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@Chinnu അമ്മക്കും തോനണ്ടേ ഇത് ബാലനോ ബാലികയോ ആണെന്ന് ? 😜🤣 പോത്തുപോലെ വളർന്നകാര്യം മറന്നുകാണുംലേ?

Good morning world ; A rainy morning in Penang,Malaysia at 11:05 (MYT)

@lameduck87 ഇനി തള്ളും ചളിയും ഇവിടേം സഹിക്കണല്ലോ ഭഗവാനേ.... 🤦🏻‍♂️

Welcome 🙏 

@Bentscrews yup.. there are many toot here with 500 characters including “CW”.

Welcome to the world of toot !

@Kayetha @Bentscrews you can migrate to new one without removing existing data.

Please check the pic.

If you want to move to another instance, then just configure in current instance and goto new instance login , create an alias to old one ; you will be ready to migrate .

@akhilan @Kayetha

Centralised - Decentralised
Facebook - steemit
Instagram- Pixelfed
YouTube - Peertube
Twitter - Mastodon

But the good thing is we can follow mastodon to Pixelfed/Peertube/Steenit . Which is not possible between twitter and Facebook 🤘🏻

@Kayetha @tachyons No. DOB is not mandatory to register in mastodon, So, birthday cannot be mentioned using mastodon..

It’s a project of @Gargron without ads .. try to give a donation to him for keeping this server for all ..

In current scenarios, Where can we live?

(Anyone in the federated world can vote)

@Kayetha @KayKap @lameduck87

Please watch a video by a group of friends making lockdown enjoyable (may be for them @arunsk991 can comment on it 🤣)

COVID19 situation India 🇮🇳 

India: 80% COVID19 cases are recovered. We cannot still think about completely wiping out because most of the cases are for persons who traveled from foreign countries as well as states.

Need a big lockdown in india to completely wipe out..


COVID19 Malaysia 🇲🇾 

Malaysia coming back slowly with CMCO (Conditional Movement Control Order) but still ~40 COVID19 cases reported as per

The state Penang not reported a single COVID19 case for 5 days at least !


Who would like to see indian traditional dance ?

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Thanks you all

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